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TV with soul and a pinch of rebellion

Top chef Tom Kerridge and award-winning television producer Richard Bowron met on the set of Bake Off: Crème de la Crème in 2015. They quickly realised that chefs and TV people share more than a few character traits; a desire to bring pleasure to others through their craft… a tendency to be obsessive in their pursuit of perfection… a willingness to push boundaries… and a sense of humour when the going gets tough. They decided to combine these attributes into a new venture –
Bone Soup Productions.

why bonesoup?

History recalls how pirates thrived for months on end on the high seas with only bone soup for sustenance. Today, cooks can transform simple ingredients that would otherwise be overlooked into nourishing and delicious stocks, broths and soups. It’s an approach that Bone Soup is following to make great TV.


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